Hello and welcome to my corner of the web.

It is here that I try and post a photograph every day from my archive. These are images taken at various automotive and motorsport events from the last 10 years or so.

Photographs are handpicked and posted without comment or description – I have chosen to do this for the sake of simplicity. Hopefully the title I’ve given the image is enough to satisfy your curiosity, alongside the category it is posted in.

Its 2020, Why A Website?

A long time ago, when the web was in its infancy, content creators had to build their own website if they wanted to be seen and heard. And it was revolutionary. Technology, designs, concepts and ideas all evolved and changed quicker than we could keep up.

This was a time when bandwidth was a constraint, and image compression was king. And maybe its with rose tinted glasses, but I miss those times when publishing something online meant more than simply a couple of taps in an app.

So we come full circle, I started with my own website, spent a few years in the wilderness of social media, and now come back again to my own little empire, my place where I control what you see, in the order I want you to see it in.

Social Media

A while ago I decided to stop relying so heavily on social media applications for posting my photography work. There are a number of reasons for this, from the pressure it puts on a photographer, to the way these corporate empires are leveraging our work to make money for themselves.

Don’t get me wrong, social media has led to opportunities and better access to events that I wouldn’t otherwise have got, at what appears on face value to be zero cost to myself.

However if you scratch the surface of how these platforms work, you quickly realise the hidden cost is your data and your privacy. When the very activity these sites encourage is used to tailor what you are seeing with the sole purpose of keeping you engaged and endlessly scrolling (and by virtue of this, exposed to more advertising) I can’t help but wonder who the bigger fool is for continuing to use them.

There are other downsides to social media as well – it promotes what I perceive to be an unhealthy sense of competition, where originality and art are no longer important compared to follows and likes. And much of this is out of the control of the photographer, where ‘popularity’ is determined by an algorithm that can supress as easily as it promotes.

I will no doubt go back to posting on social media at some point when I feel the benefit starts to outweigh the costs once more, but for now I’m ‘On a break’ from using those platforms.

Buying Photographs (Digital/Print)

I’m not here to try and sell you anything, but if there are any images you would like as a print, get in touch and we can discuss a price. I know that sounds a bit vague, but there are a number of factors that determine how much a photograph is to purchase (size, paper, usage, exclusivity etc).

And Finally

Stay or go, do whatever pleases you. If you want to stick around for while, be sure to take a look at some of the photographs I’ve posted. Hopefully tomorrow there will be a new one to see.

You can’t leave a like, and you can’t post a comment. I won’t even know you’ve been, unless you want me to (drop me a line at the email address at the bottom of the page).

Whatever you decide, just know that I’m fine with it (unless what you decide is take one of my photographs and post it on your social media without crediting me – that would be wrong, so please don’t).