1953 HWM Jaguar Sports Racing
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  • 1953 HWM Jaguar Sports Racing

  • Spike Milligan

  • 2015 Silverstone VSCC Spring Start

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  • I'd not seen one of the HWM Jaguars before (that I recall) so I had to do some research on it.

    From Wikipedia (where else);

    Hersham and Walton Motors (HWM) is the world's longest established Aston Martin business (having acquired the franchise in 1951) and is well known as a racing car constructor.

    HWM owners George Abecassis and John Heath went racing together from 1946 and in 1948 they built a streamlined sports racing car on the chassis of a Sports Alta.

    The first Jaguar-engined HWM sports racing car had appeared in 1953, and this had some success with George Abecassis at the wheel. From then on until 1957, the team was involved in sports car racing both in Britain and on the continent, sometimes beating their Jaguar and Aston Martin Works competitors.

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