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  • Steve Soper & JD Classics – 1973 Ford Cologne Capri Works at the 2015 Silverstone Classic

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  • I never thought I'd be posting a photo of a Capri on here, but this is the 460hp V6 powered Ford Cologne Capri Works. Just check out the width of those rear tyres.

    Originally built to Cologne specification in 1973 by Broadspeed for Ford Motor Co. Ltd, it was first driven in the Kent-Castrol Belgium Touring Championships where, powered by a 3.0-litre Westlake V6 engine, it won convincingly. It returned to England to compete in the Tourist Trophy Meeting the same year, driven by legendary touring car racer Andy Rouse, before being sold to Bo Emanuelsson who won the 1974 Swedish Championship. In 1975 it was rebuilt by Ford Cologne with a Ford-Cosworth 24-valve V6 engine developing 460hp at 8,750rpm. Emanuelsson won across Europe with the car and was even faster than Jochen Mass at the fearsome Nurburgring.

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