1957 Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France
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  • 1957 Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France

  • Damazein Auto dEpoca and Max Girardo

  • 2015 Goodwood Revival

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  • Its safe to say that this years Goodwood Revival spoilt the Ferrari enthusiast with a Ferrari only Lavant Cup for drum-braked cars from the 1950's.

    During the mornings paddock escapades, it was difficult to know which cars to photograph first, especially knowing that it would soon be busy, so it was a case of working your way down the long (long) line of cars shooting those that were most interesting and not covered over and then taking a look at the rest (although with so many Ferrari's, deciding on 'most interesting' wasn't easy).

    With all the cars positioned in a similar way, and with the Goodwood covered garages being what they are, a lot of the shots from the paddock have ended up being quite similar in composition. However I'm sure the subjects more than make up for this slight shortcoming.