1963 AC Cobra Le Mans Competition Roadster CSX2131
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  • 1963 AC Cobra Le Mans Competition Roadster CSX2131

  • Jack Sears

  • 2015 Goodwood Revival

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  • Nestled in the garages at this years Goodwood Revival between the six Daytona Coupes was "39 PH", the AC Cobra that was entered into the 1963 Le Mans race, piloted by Peter Bolton and Ninian Sanderson and finished overall in 7th place.

    This car was then overseen by John Willment Automobiles Ltd and entered into the 28th RAC International Tourist Trophy race at Goodwood on the 24th August 1963, but was disqualified over a clearance issue in the cars setup.

    In 1964 the car was officially taken over by JWA Ltd and "Gentleman" Jack Sears became the principle driver of the AC Cobra.

    Through some judicious experimentation with wheels / tyres, shock absorbers, spring rates and camber angles etc, 39 PH was tamed to the point that in Sears own words it became "a predictable kind of car with lots of power and I could drive it on the throttle. I loved it - it was terrific". (www.classic-auctions.com/Auctions/21-02-2006-TheCentaur-1...)