1938 Alfa Romeo 308C
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  • 1938 Alfa Romeo 308C

  • Julian Majzub

  • 2015 Goodwood Revival

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  • There is something very special about seeing and hearing cars like this 1938 Alfa Romeo being driven hard at the Goodwood Revival.

    Seeing these old brutes being taken by the scruff of the neck and being rung out on track is the closest we will come to reliving that particular 'golden age' of motor-racing, and you get a real sense and appreciation of the skill and bravery of the drivers back then.

    This car, S/N 308-79, is one of four 308C's manufactured to compete against the Silver Arrows of the period. Based on a Tipo C and fitted it with a downsized version of the straight eight engine to meet the regulations, it was never really competitive giving away 130+bhp to the Mercedes Grand Prix cars.