1990 Mercedes-Benz C11
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  • 1990 Mercedes-Benz C11

  • Kriton Lendoudis

  • Goodwood 73rd Members Meeting

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  • Here is a photo taken earlier in the year at the 73rd Members Meeting. This is the 1990 Mercedes Benz C11, driven by Michael Schumacher.

    The C11 was built by Sauber as a follow up to the Sauber C9. The C11 uses a Mercedes-Benz M119 5.0L Biturbocharged V8 engine as its power source and dominated the 1990 season taking 1st place in all but one of the rounds it competed in.

    Interestingly its stated that the reason Sauber went from the name C9 to C11 without using C10 is that in German, C and 10 are almost identical in pronunciation and would therefore have caused some confusion.

    Dave Adams Automotive Images