1948 Talbot Lago Type 26C
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  • 1948 Talbot Lago Type 26C

  • Klaus Lehr

  • 2015 Goodwood Revival

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  • The French Talbot-Lago company was formed after the collapse in 1935 of the Sunbeam, Talbot and Darracq group.

    Antonio Lago obtained the rights to the Talbot name, and the cars then were branded under the Talbot-Lago moniker. Subsequently those cars sold under the Talbot-Lago name in Britain were badged as Darracqs when the British rights to the name ended when the Rootes Group took ownership.

    The Talbot-Lago company was mainly a road car manufacturer, producing some beautiful design including the 1947 Talbot Lago Grand Sport T26 and the 1956 Talbot-Lago T14 LS.

    The T26C, a version of which is shown in this panning photograph, was one of the few models produced for racing, but was instantly competitive, finishing second in the 1948 Monaco Grand Prix on its debut, at the hands of Louis Chiron. In 1949 the T26C won at both the Belgian and French Grand Prix (Louis Rosier and Louis Chiron respectively) and in 1950 a modified two seater version won the 24 Hours of Le Mans driven by Louis Rosier and Jean-Louis Rosier.

    I'm still trying to track down the chassis number for this car to see if I can find more history on it, like many cars of this period its not quite as easy to pin down hard facts on them. The owner of this car, Dr Klaus Lehr, also owns the Mercedes SLS 300 Porter Special that was crashed at the 73MM, valued at around $6,000,000.

    You can see a panning shot of that particular car prior to the crash here: