1935 Frazer Nash Monoposto
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  • 1935 Frazer Nash Monoposto

  • Mike Gibbs and Eddie Gibbs

  • 2015 Goodwood Revival

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  • Its always a bit of a struggle to find information out about this class of car, as there doesn't tend to be the same wealth of knowledge on the internet as you get with Ferrari, and things like chassis/serial numbers are not as prominent.

    However, a lucky find on YouTube turned up the video below, and although the sound quality is pretty bad to say the least, I think I managed to decipher that the car took 9 months to restore, and it uses a combination of a 1939 Maserati blower and a 1929 Meadows engine. On the dyno it was pushing out 225 lb/ft at around 2,000 rpm.

    This video is overly long, but if you want to hear what the car sounds like on start up and tick over, take a look: