1955 Aston Martin DB3S
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  • 1955 Aston Martin DB3S

  • David Bennett

  • 2015 Silverstone VSCC Spring Start

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  • In between posting shots from the last event I attended in 2015, I've been going back through previous events to see what I missed or haven't posted, and came across this beautiful Aston Martin DB3S (S/N DB3S/115) owned and raced by David Bennett.

    I took a number of shots of this car when it was in the garages, but none turned out particularly well, this one when it was parked out in the daylight is only a little better.

    This particular car, chassis number DB3S/115 is one of twenty production cars built by the factory. The car was painted in the American racing colours of white with a blue stripe, although it now appears to be painted with a green/blue transition stripe not blue.

    This Aston Martin was owned originally by Joe Lubin who received the car on the 26th March 1956. It made its racing debut at Bakersfield on the 20th May 1956, and then continued its competitive career into 1957, with Richie Ginther, Rob Oker and Bill Love all sharing the driving for Joe Lubin. Richie Ginther went on to compete in F1 for Honda, taking their first victory in 1965 at Mexico.

    In the early 60's the cars then owner (Ron Keil) modified the car slightly to make it suitable for use on the road, before selling it on in 1965. In 2010 the car changed hands again and was restored back to original condition and colour scheme (along the way it had been painted blue).